A new job opening at Findlay Global Manufacturing, Inc. presents an extraordinary opportunity: a chance to relocate to Europe to launch a new product, the “Tantalus.”  For Halley Faust, this job is the epitome of the American dream – the chance to go from a lowly Level 1 to a respected and significant Level 2.  She will do anything to get it.  The only problem is, others want the job too, including Halley’s best friend Celeste.

Halley soon discovers that the only path to success at Findlay is ruthless guile.


But, the harder she chases after her dream, the more it seems to elude her, and soon her vision of success expands and retreats into the ungraspable distance.

Ultimately, Halley must decide how much she is willing to sacrifice in pursuit of a life that may very well be a fantasy.

The Insatiables details a young woman’s climb up the corporate ladder and the irrevocable choices she must make to survive.


About the Author

Brittany Terwilliger grew up in the Midwest and graduated from Indiana University. She has since lived and worked all over the world, including several years in France and Ireland, as well as shorter residencies in Thailand, Myanmar, Vietnam, and elsewhere. Brittany is an alumna of the Tin House Writers Workshop, and The Insatiables is her first novel.

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